St Peter & St Paul Orthodox Church
Diocese of the Midwest - Orthodox Church in America
6980 County Line Road, Burr Ridge, Illinois 60527

Welcome to Saint Peter & Saint Paul Orthodox Church’s website! If you are a first-time visitor or long-time member, please take a few minutes to explore our site. You will find information on our parish’s activities and events, as well as several good resources for those curious about the Orthodox Faith.

The Orthodox Church humbly, yet confidently professes to be the original Church of Christ, founded on the apostolic witness to our Lord, born on the Day of Pentecost, and for over 2,000 years making known to all nations the path to salvation through repentance and faith in Christ. Our parish family is dedicated to spreading the Good News throughout our local community and the world. Our members are made up of a variety of ethnic and social backgrounds, and our services are in English. We welcome all visitors, whether they are long-time Orthodox Christians, new converts, those rediscovering their faith after many years away or simply wanting to learn more about Orthodox Christianity.

For more information on our parish, to schedule pastoral counseling, visitations, baptisms, weddings or other sacraments, or to inquire more about our faith, please contact Fr. Herman Kincaid.

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EOPS Newsletter - Summer 2018 Edition

The latest EOPS (Evangelization, Outreach and Parish Stewardship) newsletter is available. Click here to check it out (6MB file).

Upcoming Services
Wednesday, November 14th
9:30am Visit to Eve Assisted Living
7:00pm Daily Vespers
Thursday, November 15th
9:30am Office Hours (ends 1:30pm)
Friday, November 16th
7:00pm Our Life In Christ Youth Retreat, AT St. Joe's, Wheaton
Saturday, November 17th
4:30pm Adams & Bridenstine Memorial
5:00pm Great Vespers & Confessions
5:45pm Holy Land Trip Presentation
Sunday, November 18th
8:15am Matins
9:30am Divine Liturgy with Children's Choir
11:00am Church School
12:00pm O Club Meeting
3:00pm Chicago Wolves Outing
Monday, November 19th
8:00am Cleaning Crew
7:00pm Healing Service
Tuesday, November 20th
7:00pm Presentation of Theotokos Vespers

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