St Peter & St Paul Orthodox Church
Diocese of the Midwest - Orthodox Church in America
6980 County Line Road, Burr Ridge, Illinois 60527
Father Herman Kincaid
630-323-3525 (Phone)
Father Deacon John Kornafel
630-408-4504 (Phone)
Father Deacon Mark Sauskojus
630-816-4443 (Phone)
Father Deacon David Kenny
Youth Director
630-898-6297 (Phone)
Mr Casey Moore
Council President
847-370-5914 (Phone)
Dr Emil Tripa
Choir Director
Matushka Jessica Kincaid
Church School Coordinator

Upcoming Services
Saturday, May 15th
5:00pm Great Vespers & Confessions
Sunday, May 16th
8:15am Matins
8:45am Church School
9:30am Divine Liturgy
Monday, May 17th
8:00am Cleaning Crew
Tuesday, May 18th
9:30am Office Hours & Confessions (ends 1:30pm)
Wednesday, May 19th
6:30pm Daily Vespers
Thursday, May 20th
9:30am Office Hours & Confessions (ends 1:30pm)